How To Make Lists On Facebook And Not Miss A thing

How To Make List On Facebook And Not Miss A Thing

I am an avid Facebook user but there can a point a few months ago when I was tired of missing out on posts from my family and friends.I did years ago when it was introduced, put people into lists.At the time I had just a few 100 friends but after 3 days of plugging away for a few hours a day I managed to sort people out.

It meant that I could post directly to a group of people on a list I had curated. The lists can be anything from family, close friends, work friends or you can create a list of people who you share an interest in but don’t want to clog up your other friends feeds with.I find it very useful and yet it wasn’t until I read that you could take list making one step further by creating separate feeds for each of your lists.You still get your home feed but you also can have a feed for your family, close friends, work friends etc.

I tested it for a few weeks before I showed a few of my blogging friends what I had been doing in order to keep up with different people as many were disgruntled at missing out on family and friends news, choosing to unfriend people or even set up another Facebook profile just for their blogger friends.It has totally changed how I and they use Facebook, accessing what they want to see from the people who matter the most.

So how to start? Well the first process can take sometime to set up if you have a fair few friends.I did find many people who haven’t used Facebook for a long time so I unfriended them.For those who I kept I had to decide which list I wanted to add them to, of course you don’t need to put everyone into a list if you don’t want.

How to create lists and separate feeds on Facebook

Add each of your friends to a list

Once you have created lists and added people to them, next you need to go to the left hand side of your Facebook HOME feed.You will then see the lists you made appear under FRIENDS.

how to make lists and creat separate feeds on Facebook

You will need to hover over the right hand side of your chosen list, here I’m going for my college friends.You’ll see MORE (I wasn’t able to take a screenshot so I’ve indicated where you’ll find it), click and this will take you to your bookmarks/lists.Here will be an overall of all the previous lists you have already.Some you can delete, some you can’t.


You can click on the lists you have created, this will take you to a separate feed where you can view everything that has been posted from the individuals in that list.On the right hand side click MANAGE lists to edit your list.You can also add people to the list.




Now you have set up your lists and added more people.But there is a quicker way to access your FAVOURITE lists quickly and by doing so you will see the number of posts in that list.Go back the sidebar of your HOME feed and look for the lists you want to add as your favourites, you need to hover over the left hand side of the named list to reveal a cog.Click on the cog and click ADD TO FAVOURITES.

Click on the cog to add your list to favourites

Click on the cog to add your list to favourites

Your list will have now be placed into your favourites, which appear down the left hand side of your Facebook page but up from where the list originally appeared.Now if you have decided to have a number of favourite lists e.g. family, close friends, work friends you can have them in any order you like.I have groups added to my sidebar too so I can quickly access them too.Click REARRANGE.

download (6)

You can now drag and drop the order of your lists, groups, pages etc that feature in your sidebar.Click DONE when you have finished.

download (7)


As you can see I have a mix of friends in lists, groups, my Facebook page and lists of pages I follow.It really has made using Facebook easier to use and I don’t miss out on anything, even mum has done it.

Thanks to Mary of Keynko who reminded me that I have been promising to write this up for months.



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17 thoughts on “How To Make Lists On Facebook And Not Miss A thing

  1. I’ve had lists set up since they came in (except I must add blogging friends to one – although I’m not linked to that many of them at the mo), but I never use them. I’ve so many groups I’m in, that I spend more time in those that with personal friends now.


    • Yes, except you won’t get spammed when someone posts something specifically to you.If you look at people’s post you can see whether they have posted publicly, to just everyone they are friends with on FB or a particular set of people.If you see a post that is set to a particular set of people then you can see who is on that list and so you can friend them.


    • Spend 20 minutes a day just putting into lists.You don’t have to do it to everyone like me, just those you really want to keep up with like family and friends.


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